Edmund Handy - tuning and maintenance

Edmund is a highly experienced tuner of early pianos, harpsichords and clavichords for concerts and recording sessions. He has worked for many top period instrument artists at major venues and on tour, and on other projects including looking after an 1802 piano on the set of Mike Leigh’s film ‘Mr Turner’.

He has restored many important historical instruments including a late-18th century clavichord (which he restored on-site in a medieval Saxon town in Romania), the only known surviving spinet by William Smith, made in c1720, and a very rare and unusual spinet-shaped ‘transverse grand piano’ made in 1777 by Crang Hancock. He has also restored many early square pianos, preferring to work on pre-1825 instruments. His sensitive restorations retain as much original material as possible, and he uses historically appropriate music wire, adhesives and polishes.

Clementi square piano – before and after restoration


Contact Edmund for details of one-day courses in practical harpsichord tuning and maintenance, and for professional instrument concert hire service.  Edmund also supplies a comprehensive range of early keyboard instrument spare parts and accessories by mail order – please request catalogue.

In May 2014 Edmund relocated his workshop to Ludlow in the West Midlands, 30 miles west of Birmingham. He also works regularly in London, throughout the UK and further afield.